The Shaffer Family Founded January 7, 1979

This site will take the reader through the life of C. R. Lord from birth until College. I have wanted to create more pages from college to the present but my schedule has been so full that I have not been able to work on it.

God Is The Founder

Of This Family

Genesis 1:1 - In the beginning God created the

heaven and the earth. With these words all

of creation began. Nothing exists without God!

Everything truly good that ever had a beginning can be traced back to our God! (James 1:17) All that we are or ever will be, that is of any profit at all, can be attributed to His work in our lives, his daily provisions for our needs and his never failing love for us! To believe otherwise is to live in ignorance or denial of spiritual reality.

Mankind has taken a beautiful, pure and holy world entrusted to them and filled it with sin and every vice, evil, suffering, turmoil and wretchedness that exists on this planet. It began with Adam and Eve who were blessed with purity and had no sin in them. God didn't want their obedience to him an obedience compelled by force, so he gave them a free will so they could choose between loving Him or rejecting his commandments and doing their own thing. Adam and Eve chose disobedience, and mankind has followed their example ever since. The daily evidence of man's disregard for God and his commandments is blatantly and abundantly clear to anyone who can think rationally and subjectively.

Among the things that God established for Adam and Eve was the marriage bond between a husband and wife. Sadly this has been abused in every generation to the point that the divorce rate has escalated to a ridiculous degree and now our own generation has determined that it is time to redefine what marriage is so it serves the secular mindset, feeds into the lust of wicked men and women, and bears little resemblance to God's intended plan and his intended purpose established from the beginning of time. (Genesis 2:4)

But God also knew that there would always be those who would choose to follow his laws in regard to marriage for he knows all things from the foundation of the earth and throughout all eternity past, present and future. He knew that Rick and Beverly Shaffer would marry, put Christ at the center of their marriage, and raise seven children to love and serve Him. This web site is the story of that marriage from the beginning through to the present day. At the time of creating this site Rick and Beverly have been together over 37 years, have raised seven very special children and are now grandparents to eight beautiful grandchildren with another due to arrive in September 2016. They are living in the town of Rick's birth where life is relatively peaceful, and Rick is preparing for ministry after a long sabbatical. The children visit dad and mom when they are able, the family has a strong bond of love, and there is daily constant interaction between all the children either online or locally or over the phone because of that love connection God has established in them. Rick and Beverly have been blessed above measure and are thankful that God is still sending people by that they can minister to from time to time, but now it is time to meet and minister to some new people in the hope that they will be able to bring more souls into a right relationship with God through Jesus their Savior.

To format of this site is designed to tell their individual stories first and then continues with meeting in Bible college and their lives from then on. It spans a time period from September 27, 1942 to 2016 and beyond. There is much here that would benefit anyone who reads it. There is joy and sorrow, pain and healing, sickness and health, and all that accompanies day to day living under a vast array of different circumstances. It is a story of children, the joy and pressure of serving in ministry, worldly living, drugs and alcohol, suicide attempts, a great God, confrontations with demons, miracles and more. It is the most earnest prayer of Rick and Beverly that what is written here would touch the lives of all who read their story in a way that will lift them up and bring them closer to loving their God and giving their hearts and lives to Him. We are certain that there is no genuine peace or contentment in life apart from Jesus!

Please leave bias and subjective thinking at the door before you read this story and read it for what it is - a true history of two lives, eventually joined together and blessed far beyond measure through the loving care and tender mercies of our God.

Below Is A Photo Of Our Seven Precious Gifts From God


The comment box below is offered for visitors who are reading my story and I only ask that you keep your comments respectful. This is my life story and that of my wife and children. There is nothing made up in this story. It is told as it happened including all the miraculous events that will seem hard for some, and perhaps many, to believe.

It is my sincere hope that someone will find something here that will help them rise above some or all of their trials and problems in life and, most important, that they might find the joy of salvation through Jesus Christ who alone brings everlasting peace to the heart of all who will trust him.